Aegon Adviser Attitudes Report 2021

Evolution of retirement investment patterns The pandemic has caused many to rethink their retirement plans. We asked advisers about their clients’ retirement patterns and how the advice they give retiring clients differs from that given to clients in the accumulation phase. Retiring investors make up 58% of advisers’ clients, so their importance is significant. 1 We looked at: • How and when clients tend to retire • The types of investments used • Income withdrawal strategies • The introduction of Investment Pathways funds This year has seen a surprising reversal of the previous year’s retirement trends, leading us to believe that coronavirus has had a significant effect on investors’ retirement plans. 1 Next Wealth research – Managing Lifetime Wealth : retirement planning in the UK. Online survey carried out with 212 financial advisers plus qualitative survey with 10 financial advisers between 3 and 11 December 2020. Skip to section: Only 29% of advisers believe Investment Pathways will lead to better customer outcomes 44 Aegon adviser attitudes report 2021