Aegon Adviser Attitudes Report 2021

ESG demand is high, but poorly understood 41% of advisers have seen either a slight or significant increase in requests for ESG investments from clients. Despite the high level of interest, many feel that there is a lack of knowledge and understanding among clients about what ESG is. Only 2% felt their clients understood ESG well, with the remaining 98% citing a need for further education and improved awareness of the options available. 12% said their clients are overwhelmed completely by the choice available, while 28% said that their clients didn’t realise there were different types of ESG fund. How well do your clients understand the differences between the variety of funds available within the ESG marketplace, i.e. exclusion funds vs responsible funds vs impact funds? Very well, no further education required Have some knowledge but further education would be beneficial Vaguely, further education is needed Overwhelmed, don’t know where to start They’re not aware there are di erences 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 2% 23% 35% 12% 28% 41% of advisers report increase in requests for ESG from clients 40 Aegon adviser attitudes report 2021