Aegon Adviser Attitudes Report 2021

We also asked advisers which investment structures they intended to use more, or less in the next 12 months. We found a preference for collectives such as OEICs, unit trusts, pension and life funds over direct equities, investment trusts and structured products. The biggest winners in terms of increased investment are likely to be pension funds, OEICs and unit trusts, with 28% saying they’d be using pension funds more this coming year and 20% favouring OEICs. 18% said they’d be reducing their use of structured products, while 16% also said they’d be using fewer direct equities. We also found that only a quarter of advisers ( 24% ) use investment trusts, with the remaining 76% who don’t use them citing a variety of reasons including lack of liquidity, too complex, too risky or poor value for money. 11% said they’d be using investment trusts less this year. In the next twelve months do you expect to use the following investment structures more or less? A lot less A little less The same amount A little more A lot more Aegon adviser attitudes report 2021 29